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In the words of the wonderful and inspiring pianist and teacher Arminda Canteros, with whom I studied many years ago, “Playing the piano is like love. The more you give to it, the more that comes back, which then grows your love to give again.”

I am Dr. Thomas Parente and I believe that the purpose of music is to raise our consciousness to a level that enables us to connect the dots between our intellect, our souls, and our hearts. Music has the capacity to spur us on to great things.

It would be an honor and a blessing to collaborate with you someday, and together make the world a better place through music.

I am available for online lessons, and welcome students from all over the world.

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Current News

I am happy and honored to have been included in a group of eleven contemporary American composers, who were invited by Subito Music to submit brief piano pieces in the intermediate grades for a new edition, Piano Premieres.

Extraordinarily diverse in the styles and techniques of 20th and 21st century music and suitable for both study and recital performance, these pieces will expose the developing performer to the world of contemporary composition, and are sure to be an enjoyable teaching and performing experience. This book may also be used for music majors secondary piano courses.


I love experiencing the psychological state of flow when I am in the creative process. It is during these times when I feel I am making connections to people who I perhaps will never meet but can still move. It is that direct connection with people that drives me to make music. Being in the state of flow enables me to create music as if it had already been written.

Piano Teacher / Professor

My goal in teaching has always been to inspire you to be the best you can be. It is my intention to create conditions within each lesson that are transformational even in the most minuscule way. I am proud of the incredible accomplishments and contributions that my students have made and continue to make in society and in the world for the last forty years. You may see some of my students here.

Educator / Lecturer / Author / Speaker

I offer a dynamic combination of concerts and master classes, exploring the psychological state of flow through playing the piano; presenting any topic related to my book “The Positive Pianist,” and giving seminars  or workshops on Dalcroze Eurythmics in relation to teaching and learning.  It would be an honor and a blessing to collaborate with you someday, and together make the world a better place through music.

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